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I am sorry for the delay of the emails.  Paul and I have had some medical issues. Paul in Dec was in and out of the hospital 4 times until they figured out that the pharmacy gave him the wrong pills in his bottle.  He broke his hand and had a cast  and one on his leg which he still has, he gets it off in two weeks.  Meanwhile I had to take out the trash and on Dec 29th  I fell on ice and broke my back, I have two rods and 8 titanium screws, and  I am still in a brace for a few more weeks but not able to sit up long periods of time. So when I can, we will resume the Newsletter .   Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Christine Parent



Paul Parent has been on the radio providing gardening advice to listeners in New England for the last 32 years.

Paul's expert gardening advice is now heard on stations all over the country with one-half million loyal listeners. For a radio station in your area that broadcasts The Paul Parent Garden Club™ radio show click Listen Live. Tune into The Paul Parent Garden Club™ talk radio show and find out what you have been missing!